When I first came in, I had neck and shoulder pains from tension and stress.  Sometimes I would get so tense that I could not perform normal daily activities without annoying aches and pains. I also have had horrible scoliosis since elemenary school, which causes me to feel off balance.  Before coming to see Dr. Mitchell I would constantly go to my physician and get prescribed muscle relaxers and other pain medications to ease the pain.  Dr. Mitchell helped me by adjusting my spine and showing me proper stretches and exercises to ease my pain.  Now, I feel looser and stronger.  I also have  wider range of motion in my neck than I had before.  Each time I go to my appointments, I feel better.


-Ashley B.


Dr Erin is WONDERFUL. I had experience with a great chiropractor before moving to Florida and upon relocating I've seen 2 chiropractors. Dr Erin is by far the best. Her technical expertise, willingness to listen and explain, and make my neck and back feel better are all things I'm tremendously thankful for.


-Alyson M.

I had pain in my neck and shoulder on the right side and could not sleep or lay on the rigt side at all without feeling pain.  I would not even try to lift or put anything on the right arm because of the pain.  I have had the pain for a number of years but before I came in the pain was getting stronger.  I went to the doctor and was prescribed medication but it was no help for the pain.  The adjustments were the first thing to give me relief.  The stretching and exercises were really helpful in relieving the stiffness.  I am feeling the best I have in years.  No pain or stiffness, and I can lay on the right side without any problems.  I have found that I have better posture and I have even made changes in my life for the best. 


-Patra S.

My wife and I were searching for a good chiropractor for a while and had no luck. After injuring myself in the gym Dr. Erin Mitchell brought me back to speed in no time. She's awesome and affordable. Very knowledgeable and her methods are tailored to each client. She doesn't make you feel like just another customer.


-Alan S.

My main problem was shoulder pain that never went away.  It felt like a hot burning sensation with some soreness.  The pain made sleeping very difficult. I went to the doctors and they told me the soreness was from overusing muscles.  I was prescribed medication that had little effect on the pain I was feeling. The adjustments helped a lot.  It feels good to be flexible and not so tight.  I feel much more relaxed and in less pain. 


-Dana G.

Dr. Mitchell is a one of a kind. She's very knowledgeable, caring, professional and kind.
She helped me get off the Celebrex I was on and straighten out a shoulder problem I had.
Now it's just a routine alignment and I'm good to go.... She's the best chiropractor in the world as far as I'm concerned.


-Jim J.