A 30 or 60-minute session is required for those patients that would like to incorporate mobility into their treatment.  Please let me know upon scheduling so there is ample time for additional therapy.

Mitchell Chiropractic accepts HSA cards

Gentle chiropractic adjustments may be applied. Dr. Mitchell uses a variety of techniques for her adjustments to provide safe and effective care.


There are several passive modalities that may be utilized in office. These include ultrasound, cupping and FR  (Functional Range Release).  As an FR practitioner, Dr. Mitchell will provide manual therapy to help stimulate and create directional force into the soft tissue to influence healthier and more mobile tissue.

Functional Range Assessment

FRA is a joint assessment tool used to quantifiably measure fundamental joint motion.  Not only will the specific area of pain be assessed, but the surrounding joints and tissue will also be examined as dysfunction is often multifactorial and the result of aberrant movement patterns. Simply spot treating those areas of pain may only lead to temporary relief.  Whereas, assessing and tackling the overall movement pattern can create long lasting results.

Functional Range Conditioning

FRC is a mobility and joint control training system that works by expanding the body’s range of motion, while simultaneously training you to control these newly acquired ranges. Not only will flexibility be improved, but strength within those greater ranges will be achieved. This form of one-on-one active care has been a game changer for patients, for both pain relief and injury prevention.  Find out why college and professional athletes are utilizing this system of training.


KINSTRETCH is a movement enhancement system that develops maximum body control, flexibility, and USABLE ranges of motion.  This is taking the principles of FRC to a class setting and allowing more to experience the benefits of challenging independent joint motion.  Please contact if you would like Dr. Mitchell to provide a class in your facility.