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Meet Dr. Mitchell

Dr. Erin Mitchell graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Port Orange, FL in 2011.  As a Clearwater, FL native she knew the area was a perfect fit to bring her chiropractic and mobility practice. Throughout her years in chiropractic and continuous studying in evidence-based research, she has evolved her practice to include active mobility to compliment the passive therapies and adjustments.  

Recognizing that although adjustments and therapies provided help, patients would eventually return with similar pains as a result of aberrant movement patterns.  That is why her goal is to not only get immediate relief but to improve the long-term quality of the joints and tissues.

A DIFFERENT TYPE OFCHIROPRACTIC.  Patients are not given an extensive care plan with only passive adjustments and therapies.  Instead, they are given specific mobility exercises, in conjunction with the passive therapies, so they can create those lasting results.  Ultimately, the patient is in control of their musculoskeletal health, Dr. Mitchell’s goal.  


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